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iTrend Data Discovery and Analytics

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Our social media analytics platform lets you easily track any topic (campaign, product, event, brand), distill social media conversations, and identify key influencers.

Track, analyze, and summarize millions of online conversations

After you specify your interests, iTrend will continually locate new information and generate updated reports.


These are some of things our platform has to offer. Try it out, and let us know how we can give you better insights.


High Performance

Our application is hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, as well as on our own clusters of servers - and is currently handling millions of data objects.


Simple Interface

We believe in the minimalist approach. Our platform hides the computational complexity, and our goal is to extract signal from noise and show you less data, not more.


Dynamic Reports

All reports are refreshed automatically as new social media conversations are found and captured by the platform. You can select a time period, or simply view most recent data.


Safe Search

iTrend's customizeable filter can hide profanity from your social media reports. Available Safe Search options are On (strict), Off, and Moderate.


Conversation Analysis

Enterprise level and up - summarize Tweets and discover frequently occuring words and phrases used in discussing a particular topic.


Multimedia Features

Discover most popular photos and images that people share when discussing your topics. Videos will be added soon.


Influencer Statistics

Find out who mentions your topics online, the size of their audience (followers), and how many responses they get (engagement).


Real-time News

See most recent (and most relevant) news, press releases, and blog postings that mention your topics and keywords.


Data Export

Save finished reports as PDF. Export summarized data to Excel. Available at Startup level and up.

As easy as 1-2-3. Literally.

Define your interests, then watch the platform gather data and build reports!


Set up your Query

Step 1

You may specify any words, phrases, or hashtags that interest you. Preview data to confirm relevance. Higher plans let you track more keywords.


Let iTrend gather data

Step 2

Depending on the popularity of your topic, first-time data gathering may take some time. For more narrowly defined topics, you may see first reports within minutes.


View Reports

Step 3

Standard reports include top Retweets, Places, People (Influencers), related Keywords and Hashtags, Software Platforms, and volume. Reports are refsreshed automatically.

Comprehensive social insights starting at $499/mo (competitors' services start at $5,000/mo). Contact us for detail.


  • Queries: 3
  • Keywords per Query: 3
  • Up to 4MM mentions per month
  • Export: n/a
  • Conversation Analysis: n/a
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  • Queries: 10
  • Keywords per Query: 5
  • Unlimited mentions per month
  • Export: Excel, PDF
  • Conversation Analysis: yes
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  • Queries: 10
  • Keywords per Query: 7
  • Unlimited mentions per month
  • Export: Excel, PDF
  • Conversation Analysis: yes
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